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CS Skins
Description Filename Size
This is a fraglight, it replaces the knife. knife_fraglite 150k
Beretta 92 FS model, it replaces the Sig p228. p228_92fs 369k
Holding a Glock and giving 'em the finger. This replace Glock 18. fuglock 115k
Walther P99 - Tactical, replaces Sig p228. walther 94.7k
This is a G36 it replaces Sig 552. g36 85.7k
Barret cal .50 Sniper Rifle, it replaces AWP and can use it as G3/SG1. barret 311k
M4A1, replace Sig 552 M4_1 204k
M60 light machine gun, replaces M249 m249_m60 13.3k
Mini Cannon with rotating barrels. Replaces M249 para1 550k