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Here's a program that can help you bind the purchase of your favorite weapons and equipment etc under a single key, it is a very easy program to use. If you do not know how to write binds or you are too lazy to learn it, then I highly recommand this program.

Click here to download CStools 1.3 (3.79mb).

But if you really want to learn how to write binds, then I urge you to read on!!

To use binds, the very first thing you should do is to activate the console. The console can be brought down by pressing the ` or ~ on your keyboard. If after you pressed it, and nothing happens, this means your console is not activated yet. To activate, first create a shortcut to counter strike, if you haven't already done so. Right click on it and select properties. Inside the target box, type "- console" (without the quotes) at the end of the line. If you want the binds to load automatically everytime you start the game (so that you don't have to type the binds in the console everytime you play), type "-game cstrike -console" at the end of the line.


A bind is when you assign a command to a keypress. Open the file config.cfg using a text editor (eg. notepad), inside you can write your own binds. The binds are written in this format:

bind “key” “action”

if more then one action is being perform:

bind “key” “action1;action2;action3;…;actionx”

For example, if you want to bind the key "v" to switch to your knife, here's what you should do:

bind "v" "weapon_knife"

To see a list of bindable keys and a command list, please scroll down to the end of this page.


Alias is used for grouping a group of action under a name, here's the format of an alias:

alias “aliasname” “action1;action2;action3;…;actionx”

For example, if you want to throw a grenade, and quickly switch back to your previous weapon, here's how you would write your script:

alias "use_grenade" "weapon_hegrenade'+attack"
alias "use_weapon" "-attack;wait;lastinv"
bind "v" "use_grenade;use_weapon"

When you press the v button, it will throw an HE grenade and it will pull out your previous weapon. You may have notice that I have put "wait" in between, the reason is with a whole line of command, sometimes it will cause lagging and, often times the command might not perform at all.

Press and Release command

This command is when you add a + or - sign in front of an action. For example, +attack will fire your gun, and -attack will stop firing.

Menu Select And Slot 10 Command

The menuselect command allows you to select an item in the menu. For example, buying a gun, you would select the gun in the buy menu. Or selecting a radio message. The slot10 is the command to close the opened menu. Here's an example on how you would write a script on buying a desert eagle by just pressing the "v" button.

alias “buy_deagle” “buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 3; slot10”
bind "v" “buy_deagle”

Wait Command

The last command I'm going to introduce is the wait command. This command is very helpful when you have a long line of command, it is wise to put "wait" in between the line, because when you have a whole line of command it will cause lagging and, often times the command might not perform at all. In this case, using the wait command will solve the problem.

Bindable keys

Keyboard keys Counter Strike keys
A-Z "a"-"z"
0-9 "0"-"9"
Mouse buttons "mouse1" "mouse2" "mouse3"
Function keys "enter" "space" "shift" "ctrl" "alt" "backspace" "tab" "escape
Scroll keys "ins" "del" "home" "end" "pgdn" "pgup"
Arrow keys "leftarrow" "rightarrow" "uparrow" "downarrow"
Keypad keys "kp_ins" "kp_del" "kp_end" "kp_downarrow" "kp_pgdn"
"kp_leftarrow" "kp_5" "kp_rightarrow" "kp_home" "kp_uparrow" "kp_pgup" "kp_slash" "kp_minus"
Other keys "," "." "/" "\" ";" "’" "[" "]" "-" "="
Command list

Function Command
Buy menu buy
Buy equipment menu buyequip
Cancel/Escape cancelselect
Close menu slot10
Console speed scr_conspeed
Console toggle toggleconsole
Crosshair color adjust_crosshair
Crouch +duck
Drop weapon drop
Echo message echo
Fire weapon +attack
FPS view cl_showfps 1
Grenades use weapon_hegrenade

use weapon_flashbang

use weapon_smokegrenade
Handedness left setinfo lefthand 1
Handedness right setinfo lefthand 0
Jump +jump
Last weapon lastinv
Logo spray impulse 201
Look down +lookdown
Look up +lookup
Map info showbriefing
Map list listmaps
Menu select menuselect 1

menuselect 2

menuselect 3

menuselect 4

menuselect 5

menuselect 6

menuselect 7

menuselect 8

menuselect 9

Move backward +backward
Move forward +forward
Netgraph netgraph 3
Next weapon invnext
Nightvision nightvision
Playerlist listplayers
Previous weapon invprev
Public message say
Public talking mode messagemode
Radio menu 1 radio1
Radio menu 2 radio2
Radio menu 3 radio3
Reload weapon +reload
Score overview +showscores
Screenshot snapshot
Screensize bigger sizeup
Screensize smaller sizedown
Speak text speak
Strafe +strafe
Strafe left +moveleft
Strafe right +moveright
Secondary weapon function +attack2
Team message say_team
Team select chooseteam
Teamtalking mode messagemode2
Time left timeleft
Turn left +left
Turn right +right
Use a switch/hostage +use
Wait one game tick wait
Walk +speed
Weapon slot select slot1








Weapons use weapon_knife

use weapon_c4

use weapon_glock18

use weapon_usp

use weapon_deagle

use weapon_p228

use weapon_m3

use weapon_xm1014

use weapon_ak47

use weapon_m4a1

use weapon_mp5navy

use weapon_tmp

use weapon_p90

use weapon_scout

use weapon_awp

use weapon_g3sg1

use weapon_sg552

use weapon_m249

use weapon_aug

use weapon_mac10