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Initial D

Our original clan name was [TSSN], which stands for "too simple, sometimes naive", a famous quote from a chinese politician. We thought it was kinda gay and inappropriate, so we changed to [Initial D], taken out from the japanese anime. If anyone is in a clan and have a good server to provide, and would like to have a clan match, contact us. We are desparately looking for clans to play. Here's a list of our clan members:

Clan Member ICQ # Favorite Weapon
AE86 N/A Steyr Aug & MP5
1.8T N/A MP5, XM1014 & USP .45 Tactic
2000SE N/A Colt M4A1, AWP, Steyr Aug & Sig Commando
Beholder N/A Colt M4A1
Lyrrad 98517692 XM1014 & Colt M4A1
///M3 10447454 Sig Commando & Colt M4A1
RX-7 11894833 Colt M4A1 & HE grenade
Dohboy 32685535 AK47
Cyrus N/A Colt M4A1 & MP5
-=LiL WoP=- 7562273 AK47, Steyr Aug & AWP